Jasmine Wedding Gown

This vintage style lace gown has everything you want in your wedding gown.  The crochet style lace combined with a sophisticated neckline makes this gown super unique.
Jasmine's short sleeve top  is super comfortable and chic. The gown features a see-through belt that is super flattering on the waist.

XS- WAIST: 26 INCH- 66 CM BUST: 33.5 INCH- 85 CM

S- WAIST: 27.6 INCH- 70 CM BUST: 35 INCH- 90.1 CM

M- WAIST: 30 INCH- 76.2 CM BUST 37.7 INCH- 95.6 CM

L- WAIST: 32 INCH- 82 CM BUST: 40 INCH- 101 CM

This fit doesn't have cleavage at all and has special back details. The Jasmine's fit, is suitable for brides with a large bust and can be worn with a regular/strapless bra. The gown comes with attachable cups that can be later sewn easily to your dress.

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